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Tuesday, 28 October 2014



This is our new microphone for high quality audio. It contains 34mm large diaphragm pressure gradient transducer.
We designed its circuit for using it without phantom power. The kit regulates voltage from 5v to 48v like the interfaces do. We have encapsulated the circuit of USB phantom power into it. This 48v phantom power is then given to the capsule. And then output is taken from C1 linked with hot wire of capsule and given to the additional built in preamp based on TL071 low noise OP-Amp.

We used a thick mesh as you can see in the pics. 
Now here is a question.! How i design the body in this mic shape? Well i'll make another post on how i did the whole thing.

Microphone works with an unbalanced power cord cable that is XLR to 3.5mm stereo jack that goes to the microphone port of computer soundcard

On the top of this microphone there is another mesh which is bended as you can see in the picture. You can see some screws that are holding the mesh in the microphone. But the mesh on the top of this microphone is joined with super glue.

There is another screw in the mid of the body which looks useless but infact that is preventing the huge noise. It is joined with the GND of the circuit.

I painted it black with black spray color bottle. Because that is the easiest way to get the high quality color with shining.

You can see that the shock mount is attached with it and fixed tight with the grip ring.
Overall the method i used to make this is really difficult. Once it is done you cannot open it. You cannot repair it. This is just disposable. But believe me the parts are assembled in such a way that damage cannot be done.

Here are some specification of this microphone:

Unit : Super-Cardioid Pressure Gradient Transducer
Directivity : Omni-directional
Frequency Response : 20Hz-16kHz
Sensitivity : -38dB (0dB=1V/Pa at 1kHz)
Output Impedance : 150 Ohm 30% Polarity (at 1kHz)
Load Impedance : >1000 Ohm
Equivalent Noise Level : 16dBA
Max. Sound Pressure Level : 132dB (at 1kHz < 1% T.H.D)

S/N Ratio : 78dB
Current Consumption : 3mA

Project of : Sam Technology Professionals
Project Code :  STP-VM9-D3
Warranty   : N/A


PPB stands for Phantom Power Box. It is used to boost the signals. You plug this microphone in it and takes output to the line in of your PC or you can drive another amplifier. You can use it with interfaces to attain the high quality sound.
PPB  can be powered by a single 9v battery or you can power it with the USB cable. PPB is our new technology to use microphone in a different and clean way.
(I'll post about it in the next week).

"Need to add some samples, I need silence while recording. So it will be easy to judge the quality. I shall post the demo audio soon."