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Thursday, 19 April 2018

STP-Rectus 2x4 Active Studio Monitor

Rectus series has a lot of high definition and flat frequency response. We're reviewing here rectus 2x4 Atlanta model which is unique and completely professional in a thick 7 heavy wooden housing.
It comes in a wooden box as completely packed.
The box was sealed with nails so we'd have to almost crack it open. Inside there was epp-foam and then cardboard box and finally speakers inside.

Here is what was written on manual and box. The same text which defines it is written on their page also:

The Rectus 2x4 are the two way desktop studio monitors. The combination of our special two way audio system consist 4'' Subwoofer and 1.5" dome tweeter are designed to provide flat response within the wide audio range 38Hz to 30Khz. 
The applications & uses of these studio monitors are best as "Mixing & Mastering" music tracks. The best vocal response is achieved as the combination of tweeter & subwoofer which provides cleanest sound at even its maximum level. The sound at all of its frequency ranges is completely flat.

Rectus 2x4 is completely comparable with most of the 8'' professional reference studio monitors.

Additional amplifier isn't required (in case of Rectus 2x4 Atlanta) because it has built in "Amplifier". The amplifier is also just like speaker is designed to give flat response at frequency ranges it is designed for.

Rectus 2x4 is still the best choice for alot of users. Beside these are old models but still not discontinued by the manufacturer "our STP Professional Audio Team".
Picture Taken From Original Audio Paradise Page


  • Operated at    220-240v ~ 50-60Hz
  • Output Power 360W
  • Subwoofer      4'' Power 180W each Impedance 8 Ohm
  • Tweeter           1.5" Power 150W each
  • Low noise input pre-amp
  • Low noise flat response Power Amp
  • Built in 500W SMPS
  • 3 pin Power Cable Connection on Active Side
  • 1x 6.5mm Microphone Input
  • 1x 3.5mm Headphone Output
  • 2x RCA Left & Right Audio Input 
  • 1x XLR Input
  • 1x RCA Output (for Left Speaker)
  • Smooth Volume Control Knob (Sound Best at 70/100)

Mini CNC XY plotter Prototype (Project For Students & Hobbyist)

Mini CNC XY plotter Prototype (Project For Students & Hobbyist)

It is based on Atmega328p development board arduino uno and two L293D motor drivers. Two stepper motors for X and Y while one servo motor for pulling the pen up. This is proto-type mini cnc xy plotter. It is made for student projects. 
It is made to look completely like prototype handmade project. 
It can plot any design within its working area.
Support gcode files.


Original picture attached. If need more pictures contact me.

This is proto-type mini cnc xy plotter. It is made for student projects. 
It is made to look completely like prototype handmade project. 
It can plot any design within its working area.
Support gcode files.

Working area 40x40mm
Pen is connected via servo on z-axis.
Laser diode can also be used.
Source code is also available with machine along with all softwares.

For more details you can contact us by numbers given below.
For this product delivery is only possible with China, Pakistan & Iran. It can't be shipped to any other countries.

PRICE : 12,500 PKR
CONTACT : +92-345-4244641  (Moderator)


Shipment Methods:

  1.  PAKISTAN                         350PKR- TCS 
  2.  CHINA                              5000PKR- TCS  
  3.  IRAN                               15000PKR- DHL (Only DHL Service is allowed).

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

STP-UPS Inverter System Price

STP offering UPS for home & office use. These inverters have alot of benefits as follows:

  • Lowest possible self current consumption.
  • Pure copper transformer high efficiency.
  • Micro Controller based control system (that handles battery charging, low and full cutt off, LED indications, fan controlling, overload protection, trickle mode of battery charging, digital output voltage display & main low detect feature).
  • Double fuse (Short circuit protection at Input and Output).

Currently STP has launched the following models of UPS in Pakistan.

  • Model : STP-MSW-5W50


It is 500W inverter with modified sin wave output with all above features. 
It can run 2-3 ceiling fans and 4 CFL saving Bulbs. Output voltage of this inverter is 220v AC 50Hz.
This UPS has 1 year warranty for its transformer. Can charge and handle upto 130Ah battery.

PRICE : 8500/- PKR

  • Model : STP-MSW-6W50



The most frequently being used in Pakistan. It can charge batteries upto 165Ah. Just like the other it has same other features but has more backup time and output power as it handle large battery. Its true power is measured as 650W. It is the best choice for normal families. Its output just like other also matches our standard which is 220v-230v AC 50Hz.

PRICE : 9500/- PKR

  • Model : STP-MSW-7W50


For a long backup and more power this model is suitable. It can easily handle the batteries up-to 175Ah easily. It has also the same function as mentioned above. It is also completely automatic and low in price.

Price : 11000/- PKR

  • Model : STP-MSW-1kWs


This model of UPS is 1000W power handling inverter just like the other discussed above. It has also same other features but it only differs in handling battery 200Ah, power handling up-to 1000W and long backups 

The model 1kWs requires single battery 12v upto 200Ah, in order to get more power you can switch to the sub model 1kWsD that requires double battery. So, we can say that it operates at 24v coz battery needs to be connected in series. This kind of arrangement allowed to have more long backup.

Price for 1kWs = 12000/- PKR    (Single Battery 12v)
Price for 1kWD= 13000/- PKR    (Double Battery 24v)


Do we offer installation?
Yes, only if UPS wiring is done.

Do we offer warranty?
Yes, we offer all kinds of repairing at your doorstep within the warranty time period.

What things included in warranty?
Only the transformer holds warranty for 1 year other parts has 2 months of warranty only.

Are your after sale services just fine?
They are absolutely good and so quick that one cannot imagine. Our technicians are in almost every corner. So it wont take more time to have issues fixed.

Are the prices negotiable?
Prices mentioned here are negotiable only if you buy more than one product.

Is it good buying this because market has a lot of more models, provide any good reason to buy it ?
First of all there is very less power consumption you save a lot of energy as compared to cheap Chinese inverter. The other locally made are real rough they don't deliver true power as they mention. 
Second no need to worry if warranty period is closed coz, its repairing is very easy, not costly and we will still offer services at doorsteps.
Its main part the transformer can last upto 10 years.

Thank You .!

For more information and to buy contact dealers in your area by a call or mail. You can use blog contact form to send E-mail or use the contact numbers given below;
03204058052.  Asim
03454244641.  Hassan

The dealers also offering CASH on delivery services & Shipments.
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Sunday, 2 October 2016


Uninterrupted Power Supply

Designed By (Illusion Semi-Conductors Team from Sam Technology Professionals)

Here is its interior view:

Fully automatic UPS Inverter.
Model Number : STP-MSW-W650


Requires 12v Battery and Support up to 200Ah.
Double Fuse Short Circuit & Overload Protection.
Stabilized Voltage Output
Digital Voltage Display
Battery Level Indication.
UPS/Main/Charging/Trip(Overload) /Battery Full LEDs status Indicators.
Inside Buzzer (For Alarms)
Low/High main voltages battery charging.
Built In Stabilizer Options (For Some Conditions)
Pure Copper Transformer of 650W - 200W are locked for safety reasons that makes it work for a very long time.
The MOSFET high power bridges for long time stability.
Switch Recovery Time 5ms.
2x Cooling Fans Inside.

All of the Inverters from STP are under 7 Months of Warranty. The warranty starts at the time of purchase. Only Transformer holds the 7 months warranty. All other parts have their respectively replacement cost charges.

Only Serious Buyers Should Contact Us BY Call Only. UPS Systems are also available in BULK.

Model Number : STP-MSW-6W50
can be found at out website http://www.samtechpro.net
Availability       : Updated in Latest Post
Price                : Updated in Latest Post
Contact Us For more information.

Thursday, 25 February 2016


Studio Vocal Microphone (GOLDEN)
These are the studio microphone is the same design of our latest project 276d. But this project is closed now. Check in the bottom of the posts for the availability.

The mesh in this microphone is golden colored. You can see the pictures below:

It works with all XLR input supported preamp & interfaces. It doesn't require phantom power. Suitable for instruments recordings specially Electric Guitars and Drums etc.
And all other features are like other 275d model.
XLR Balanced Output.
Project Code : STP-276d
Availability   : Above 2pcs

Use or contact details to order more.

Monday, 15 February 2016


Phantom Powered Preamp

This is our project we did last year its a "Phantom Power Preamp with Balanced Input and Unbalanced Input". Below you can see the picture:
It is single channel balanced microphone pre-amplifier. Specially made for the condenser microphones. It can power all kinds of condenser microphones and amplify their low singals amplitudes and gives you analog output through the RCA Connectors. Above two RCA connectors are for the output while the other two below the line out are for the "Line Input". There is a separate volume control knob for the line input. The pre-amp volume can be adjusted with the other knob. 

It gives highest quality output for professional level recordings. Provides better response for your microphone. Gives 35v for the phantom power.
No additional hardware is required to power it. There is another unbalanced input for the instruments and some dynamic microphones through the TSR 6.5mm female jack. There is also the headphone output which is through 3.5mm female jack which can be used to either monitor the incoming audio from your microphone or line input or you can take line-out to other mixer.

Noiseless and high quality (Tube Preamp Equivalent) performance.  Its circuitry is complex and perfectly engineered for the high quality and noiseless performance. It is based on Opamps and these opamps are highly expensive. 

Requires 220v power cord cable, No adapter is required.

Project Code : STP-PPA-071
Availability       : Above 18pcs
PRICE            : 7500 Rs PKR

Monday, 25 January 2016


USB Studio Condenser Microphone

We have received many request that we should do again the studio condenser microphone USB based. Because several people are recording tutorials and music etc by using just laptop. So, for those people we made this USB Condenser Studio Microphone.
Now you can plug it to your laptop and record what ever you want.

Here are some specifications:

  • This microphone takes power from USB and sends digital signals to your USB port.
  • Frequency Response Graph:

  • Microphone has small diaphragm capsule. We improved quality than the previous USB Model.
  • This microphone is capable of recording vocals and instruments in a perfect way.
  • The quality of sound it deliver is smooth and crispy with out SS.
  • The size of the capsule is 25mm while the diaphragm is 21.7mm round shaped Gold Sputtered.
  • Analog to Digital Conversion is 16bit at 48000Hz.
The shape and look of this mic is same as the 276c which is an XLR phantom powered microphone. Below is the picture from one of our user who use 276cu to record his tutorials.

It has fixed high quality USB cable as you can see in the picture above. This cable is shielded with ground layer.
Yes, this microphone also work with Tablets and Mobile phones which supports USB through OTG adapters or directly.

Package Include    :  Microphone and Shock Mount (Dragon Snap Type)
Price per Package :  5500/- Rs - PKR  ($75 USD)
Availability             :  Available above 12pcs
Weight                    :  Less Than 1 KG