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Monday, 22 September 2014



We tried to Make AP1 cheap so every one could buy and enjoy the high quality of sound.
We used TSB165A Capsule and used PCM 2902 IC for USB Interface. 
Like AP1 it also have some buttons option like Volume Up, Volume Down, Mic Mute, Headphone Mute etc.
But we didn't connect these buttons with our kit because of low space in the metal body of microphone. Yes we took the body of an ideal Vintage Condenser Handled Microphone as you can see in the pics below:

Here you can see it was a Vintage Microphone which was useless for us.
So instead of sending it to recycle we used it to give our buyers the pleasures of high quality audio.

This microphone doesn't have a Line In option but it has Headphone Option.
Yes you can connect your headphone into this microphone.

We tried to make  USB Microphone before but that had DC offset problem. In this microphone that problem has been resolved.

It has no latency rate problem because it has its own jack for headphone. You can control through your computer audio mixer that either you want audio from your headphone or not.
You can play MIDI Through it because it has a MIDI Sw Synth Option into its software like our computer sound card have.

Warranty             : N/A because of its packing. It is packed with the Super Glue and it is really hard to open it. It wouldn't open but it will break. 
This packing was suggested by our Chairman "ASIM ALI"  for hackers who want to copy and build our circuit.
This page named as project codes shows the projects we sell. Its a little business we are growing. When we want to provide you circuit we post their links here but there are many things and their modification what we don't post because some persons had hacked our circuits before. But still we are with you. If you contact us by phone call and ask us about circuits we can give you after verifying you (This offer is not available for some countries).

:) Regards:
Engg Sania (Moderator) 


USB Condenser Microphone

AP1 was real expensive due to its design and its functions here is a picture of it:

This microphone is professional Studio Microphone with some extra function. 
It has two 3.5mm female input ports for connecting other things. These ports were named as :
This Microphone has Four Buttons on it which are also 3.5mm in size. These are push buttons and they were named as:
  • Volume Up
  • Volume Down
  • Headphone Mute
  • Line In Mute

This microphone has a cable to connect it with USB that cable is:
5 pin XLR to USB Connector Cable

This microphone was one of the best microphone we have ever made.

Price of this microphone was 120$ USD.
We made only one and sold it.

This Microphone was based on a capsule that is TSB2555A Professional Large Diaphragm.


Condenser Microphone Based on "TSB-160a Capsule".
Ad and pics of this microphone were posted here on this link:


Condenser microphone suitable for vocals, guitar and broadcasts etc. Connect with your pc or laptop. No external soundcard or hardware is required. Plug and play system.
It has a built in low noise balanced preamp and capsule TSB160A high quality condenser mic element.
Best for recording covers and songs.


Impedance              : 3.3k ohm
J-FET Used            : MPF102
Operating voltage    : USB source 5v
Output To               : Stereo 3.5mm jack
Frequency response: 8000Hz to 19000Hz


It is clear that in cheap international price you get the high quality vocal microphone that do not need any other hardware like interfaces etc. USB powers up the capsule and gives you output to the line in. If your laptop doesn't have a line in option you can use some USB Interface to pass it through. Or you can also connect this to the microphone port of your soundcard. (In this case you need to reduce your mic port's sensitivity in other words you need to uncheck the option of Mic Boost)
Project of : Sam Technology Professionals
Project code: STP-CM99-105
Warranty : N/A