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Sunday, 5 January 2014


Its a High Intensity LED bulb based light which is a chip LED. And it is a replacement of an Energy Saver Tube Bulb of Power 15 Watt.
The circuit is very simple designed by STP in 2014.
It works with AC directly by plugging the switch into socket.
Its a bit risky because of its metal box outlook. But the insulation of wire inside is 100% safe.


4 - Diodes 1N4007
1 - Capacitor 4.7uf (25V) Electrolytic.
1 - Heat Sink Metal for mounting the LED Flash Light Chip
1 - Transformer AC/DC 12v 800mA


AC Input         = 220-250v
AC Frequency = 50-60Hz
Input Current   = 0.1A             = 100 mA

DC Output Potential Difference    = 12V
Current Output                             = 0.8A  = 800mA

P                      =V*I
P                     =12*0.8 =9.6 Watt
Total Power is = 9 Watt.

Precaution Mentioned on device:
  • Do not touch while switch is plugged. Firstly mount it on wall or place it out of the reach of children. Then plug it into socket and turn the switch on.
  • Do not operate it even if you're a professional. Because Sam Technology Professionals device designing is very hard to understand for other people. So to avoid risk contact us.

It was tested for a long time and reported to work. Longer than a tube bulb of 15 Watt. So this was actually the best method to save energy. The light is good for using it as a study lamp or lab work etc.


Created in 2013 

This is a Dynamic Mic Preamplifier for recording broadcast. Output signals doesn't has a DC offset whatever the type of your mic is.
A song was recorded for fun and it was amazing.
It was fit in a metal project box. And this was an amazing experience for us to fix such sensitive thing in metal box by attaching the ground of circuit with the box screws. And due to that we had very low noise performance. And the gain was high enough to record a broadcast.
The circuit was designed by Illusion Semi Conductors Team contains single 2SC9013 a common NPN transistor.
It works with 9v battery and it requires no filter because of the circuit design. 
The DIY video was aired on YouTube.

Click to view its schematic and complete details 

 This preamp used for few days and it was in our project library. Later a buyer came and bought it.
It was sold at 25th of Feb 2014. 
Its circuit is open for the buyer for easily detecting the if occurs.
We created several and only two more are left.


Created in 2013
It was a wonderful project. It was a small guitar practice amp gives several types of electric guitar sounds.
Works with acoustic as well. Based on Two LM386.
Has a proper filtering system and a VR to control the gain/volume. It has a built in speaker of 4Ohm 5 Watt.
It has a loud sound. It also gives distortion guitar sound.
It works direct with the power supply inserted through a female DC jack.
Click to view its DIY Tutorial.
Click to view its Project Details with schematic. 

It was sold at 24th of Feb 2014. The buyer was happy with its working. And for that buyer it has a lifetime warranty. Three more guitar amplifiers are left now.

STP-211-PA-0751 (LXY-STP)

Created in 2011
It is a JFET based high impedance microphone's and guitars pre-amplifier. It has one LED and a toggle switch.
One Output.
Three input 1/4 audio jack etc.
It has a simple RC filter circuit built in for the low noise performance. The RC filter is STP-RCF-446-LX.
It was created for a semi-acoustic guitar and it was tested and reported to work 100% OK.
(All of three pieces were sold.)
It was sold at 24th of Feb 2014. It has no warrant.


Created in 2012
It was a preamplifier applicable at 30v. It was a low noise and balanced pre-amp for the microphones.
It has a 50K pot to set the gain of input.
It was based on BC109 and BC547,C9013 etc  common NPN and PNP transistors.

It was about to modify to take it to 12v but the project kept in store and wasn't modified. It is still waiting for attention.


It is a simple audio amplifier based on an IC LM386 and some resistors and capacitors.
R1 = 10 Ohm
R2 = 100Ohm
C1 = 220uf 25v
C2 = 0.001uf
C3 = 0.047uf
C4 = 0.047uf
VR= 10K Ohm
C5 = 330uf
R3= 3.3k
D1 = Simple Red LED 


Created in 2011
It was a wonderful project and it was the 2nd most appreciated project of STP. It was a radio controlled Jet air plane. The circuit was designed by "Illusion Semi Conductors Team" and "Phantom Powered Team" from Sam Technology Professionals.
Its circuit was kept secret too because the circuit was unique that had 21 channel. Its first flight was 100% successful and it was 100% OK. It was crashed after one month because of the paint drop that was stuck in the elevator after when its body was colored. 

Based on 21 Channel RC Circuit Designed By STP.
Metal Body Specially prepared by third party from market.
Based on Battery 3500mAh
Has a Ducted Fan inside the body.


This was a wonderful project. It was a dynamic microphone with a stand. Stand was created using an antenna of an old wireless telephone receiver.
It was created in 2011 and never sold. It was created to test the audio circuit.


Created in SEP 2009
It was a solar power supply that has a build in regulator 7809 and 7805. This was actually created to charge standard 9v battery and mobile.
The reason  for using 7809 and 7805 was to use regulated voltage. Such voltage is good for the sensitive batteries and mobile.
It was having a 5W back solar cell purchased from lahore.
It was sold in DEC 2009.
Later STP realized  that it has no use for us. So, they posted an ad on a website and contacted buyer and sold it.


Created in Jan - 2009
It was a basic radio controlled trainer airplane. Made with a hard type of foam.
Contains five channel circuit designed by "Illusion Semi Conductors Team" from Sam Technology Professionals.
This project was a great fun for them at that time.
The radio control circuit was an IC based but it was kept secret.
The propeller were purchased from a RadioShack store in Islamabad and some other material were purchased from Karachi.
It was sold in FEB-2009 through an advertising on a website.


Created in dec 2007
It is a re-chargeable fan with the plastic propeller of a RC trainer Air-plane.
It has a DC motor of a particular speed 2000RPM
The propeller is fixed with special type of glue.
The motor is standing on a metal stand.
One push switch
A Simple charging circuit with a DC female jack.
It has three battery power of each is P=12V*1.2A
It worked for a long period of summer which was about 6 months. It was sold in sep 2008.


It is a re-chargeable emergency light. Contains:
Two high intensity LED lights.
One push switch
One diode 1N4007
One DC jack
One Simple Red LED
One LED Calculated resistor with 5v input. (Power=0.25W)


The RC Byck Lock created in 2007 wasn't tested much. It was sold at the same time.

Contains simple radio control circuit of only one channel.
A powerful 800RPM DC motor.
Some Locks specially prepared for this purpose.
Some special thick wire.
Hard Metal box and special glue to fix them.
Non-repairable and have no warranty.


Simple Audio amplifier contains three common NPN Transistors.
Contains 10K linear potentiometer.
BC547 is used for pre-amplification of low signals.
2* 2N3904 are used as a cascade amplifier.
Good for 8 Ohm (0.5W) small speakers.
It was made to fit in a drink glass. It was sold in 2004.