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Friday, 27 June 2014



Its a wonderful microphone for song recording. It is based on TL071 and some very low noise transistor BJT BC109. And its a noiseless microphone. Very good for recording songs and musical instruments like acoustic guitars and drums etc. Also it has a live mode where it will be acting as a dynamic microphone for live concerts or performances.
 This looks like a Dynamic Microphone but it doesn't contain Dynamic Microphone Element. Infact it has an elecktrek condenser microphone that is WM61a made by Panasonic. 

The circuit inside this microphone is balanced and regulates 48v Phantom Power from USB and provide it to the circuit. The capsule required 12v to get fully sensitive. And then the preamp stages amplify and boost their signals.
There is an on/off switch because without it it was going to be bad.
It comes in a box in which a connecting cable is free with it.
It works with Microphone Port or PC Sound Card but for the Low noise performance you can use it through your Line In or you can plug it into your professional audio interfaces.

Project of       : Sam Technology Professionals
Project Code : STP-DM-V02
Lifetime         : 15 Years
Warranty       : 1 Years Kit Warranty (Expired if Damaged or Opened)
Status            : 10 Sold / 17 Available  


  1. I bought it recently. But i can't open it. Please tell me how can i open it to see what's inside. If i force open it it would be damaged. Please tell me how can i open it. Is there is any screw?? well its my code you have given in the manual 61950-ISB

    1. Hi Mushtaq..! I checked you code 61950-ISB and found that you bought it from Islamabad, Pakistan through EasyPaisa payment service. Here is answer to your question:
      You Can't open any of our microphone because its body was joined with super glue while manufacturing. We do this to keep it safe for a long time. This is why our microphone works more than 5 Years. Also there are some circuit secrets that we don't want to show. If you open forcefully its body will be damaged. And warranty will be expired. Also when you'll open it you'll get nothing because inside the circuit there is filled heavy amount of silicon rubber glue. If you try to remove that components on the circuit will be damaged.
      So why get bother ? If you have any problem then just contact us we resolve issues within a day.
      Engg Sania Saeed (Moderator)