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Monday, 22 September 2014


Condenser Microphone Based on "TSB-160a Capsule".
Ad and pics of this microphone were posted here on this link:


Condenser microphone suitable for vocals, guitar and broadcasts etc. Connect with your pc or laptop. No external soundcard or hardware is required. Plug and play system.
It has a built in low noise balanced preamp and capsule TSB160A high quality condenser mic element.
Best for recording covers and songs.


Impedance              : 3.3k ohm
J-FET Used            : MPF102
Operating voltage    : USB source 5v
Output To               : Stereo 3.5mm jack
Frequency response: 8000Hz to 19000Hz


It is clear that in cheap international price you get the high quality vocal microphone that do not need any other hardware like interfaces etc. USB powers up the capsule and gives you output to the line in. If your laptop doesn't have a line in option you can use some USB Interface to pass it through. Or you can also connect this to the microphone port of your soundcard. (In this case you need to reduce your mic port's sensitivity in other words you need to uncheck the option of Mic Boost)
Project of : Sam Technology Professionals
Project code: STP-CM99-105
Warranty : N/A

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