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Sunday, 5 January 2014


Created in 2013 

This is a Dynamic Mic Preamplifier for recording broadcast. Output signals doesn't has a DC offset whatever the type of your mic is.
A song was recorded for fun and it was amazing.
It was fit in a metal project box. And this was an amazing experience for us to fix such sensitive thing in metal box by attaching the ground of circuit with the box screws. And due to that we had very low noise performance. And the gain was high enough to record a broadcast.
The circuit was designed by Illusion Semi Conductors Team contains single 2SC9013 a common NPN transistor.
It works with 9v battery and it requires no filter because of the circuit design. 
The DIY video was aired on YouTube.

Click to view its schematic and complete details 

 This preamp used for few days and it was in our project library. Later a buyer came and bought it.
It was sold at 25th of Feb 2014. 
Its circuit is open for the buyer for easily detecting the if occurs.
We created several and only two more are left.

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