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Sunday, 5 January 2014


Its a High Intensity LED bulb based light which is a chip LED. And it is a replacement of an Energy Saver Tube Bulb of Power 15 Watt.
The circuit is very simple designed by STP in 2014.
It works with AC directly by plugging the switch into socket.
Its a bit risky because of its metal box outlook. But the insulation of wire inside is 100% safe.


4 - Diodes 1N4007
1 - Capacitor 4.7uf (25V) Electrolytic.
1 - Heat Sink Metal for mounting the LED Flash Light Chip
1 - Transformer AC/DC 12v 800mA


AC Input         = 220-250v
AC Frequency = 50-60Hz
Input Current   = 0.1A             = 100 mA

DC Output Potential Difference    = 12V
Current Output                             = 0.8A  = 800mA

P                      =V*I
P                     =12*0.8 =9.6 Watt
Total Power is = 9 Watt.

Precaution Mentioned on device:
  • Do not touch while switch is plugged. Firstly mount it on wall or place it out of the reach of children. Then plug it into socket and turn the switch on.
  • Do not operate it even if you're a professional. Because Sam Technology Professionals device designing is very hard to understand for other people. So to avoid risk contact us.

It was tested for a long time and reported to work. Longer than a tube bulb of 15 Watt. So this was actually the best method to save energy. The light is good for using it as a study lamp or lab work etc.

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