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Thursday, 6 March 2014


6 Ohm-50W Guitar Amplifier

This is a 50W Guitar Amplifier. (Guitar Practice Amp)
Original Pictures Attached. Loud and Clean Sound.
Contains One 50W-6Ohm Speaker (5.5inch)
It works 100% fine.
It is suitable for Electric Guitars and Semi-Acoustic Guitar.

 One 100K Ohm Potentiometer Use to control the gain of input from any guitar or signal generating devices. It works with electric guitars. You can use guitar effect pedals with it. It has clear and loud sound. It has a 5.5inches large speaker.

It has one input and one output. Purpose of output is to attach external speakers.

Circuit contains a 12v -2Ah transformer and a rectifier capacitors and resistors filter to attain clean output. Speaker's output is balanced by putting resistor and a capacitor from out +ve to GND.
 One toggle on/off switch connected after the transformer. One red LED indicates the power on/off.
 Works very well with effect pedals using buffers if required. Specially suitable for Semi-Acoustic and Electric Guitars.
 Light weighted wooden Box as shown in the pictures.
Circuit is designed by "Illusion Semi Conductors Team" (Winners of Designing Circuit From STP)
Circuit is based on an expensive high performance IC LA4440a.
 FINAL PRICE : 2000/- Rs. pkr (Negotiable)

Project of "Sam Technology Professionals"
Project Code : STP-1119-AR-206
Warranty        : Limited Parts

 In the newer version STP-1119-AR-207 we'll be adding bass treble and Volume knobs to control tone.

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