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Saturday, 12 July 2014



Its a perfect condenser microphone. Typical frequency response and samples are similar to STP-CM99-101 but its working is little bit different.
It requires no battery no USB plug to power it. It can be powered by Audio interface.
You can plug directly to your computer or laptop.


Omnidirectional Condenser Microphone. High Quality Recording Microphone. Typical Frequency Response Curve. 2.2kΩ Impedance  
Suitable For: 
  • Broadcast
  • Vocals
  • Musical Instruments
  • Voice Recognitions
  • Wildlife Recordings

  • Toggle On/Off Switch.
  • Atmosphere Changing Switch
  • USB Jack Output
Very low noise performance. 

We can say its a Large Diaphragm Capsuled Condenser Microphone.
Weight is very light and its portable. It requires no other hardware.
Project of       : Sam Technology Professionals
Project Code : STP-CM99-102
Status             :  Available
Price               : 2500 Rs - PKR   

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