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Saturday, 19 July 2014


Professional Dynamic Microphone

This is a Professional Dynamic Microphone. There is no comparison of this microphone. You can compare it with any professional and expensive microphone and it will be the only winner. We have built its capsule that provides quick response diaphragm joint to the coil having an impedance about 150-160 Ohm. It has a good magnet built into it. 
This microphone has a very light weight. It looks very stylish and beautiful. Its body is made of pure plastic that is strong enough can't be broken easily.
Go and Build your own studio, manage live performances and big shows with the help of this cheap offer (Check out this amazing offer below)


Its a best choice for:

  • Vocals
  • Live performances
  • Recording Through Guitar Amplifiers / Sound Modules
  • Recording from Tapes Cassette Players

    It was tested in our lab for one month and finally we got the results. Its frequency response,sensitivity, frequency response curve looks amazing.
    Frequency Response :  16Hz - 20kHz
    Impedance                  :   150-160 Ohm
    Switch On/Off              : Resistance Break Switch

    How this microphone looks like....???

    Here are some pictures captured from iPhone to show you how it looks like.

    We are offering this Microphone in stock. You can buy at least one bundle. One bundle contains ten STP-DM-A12 Microphones with cables and converter jacks. Look them here below.

These cables and converter jacks (1/4inch to 1/8inch stereo) are made of high quality material.

BUNDLE Contains:

  • Ten STP-DM-A12 Dynamic Microphones
  • Ten 1/4inch to 1/8inch Low Noise Converter Jack
  • Ten 1/4inch to XLR 3 pin Low Noise Microphone Cables
  • One XLR to USB Interface for Dynamic Microphones. (Check its specification here)

Price of One Bundle:

Price of one bundle is 250$ USD + World wide shipping cost 0.50$ USD.



We ship worldwide and takes very low charges 5$ USD. You can buy our projects from eBay, OLX.com.pk, Bolee.com.pk etc.
Free Delivery To Pakistan. 

We also deliver all over Pakistan and takes no charges. For purchasing in Pakistan we give a special discount offer that is 15000Rs per bundle. 
(To Purchase within Pakistan Contact Us by Phone Call).

Project Details:

Project Code : STP-DM-A12
Warranty: Optional Parts Warranty
Price : 255$ USD (Inc Shipping) Charges
Sam Technology Professionals - We are promoting the World.


  1. Hey there thank you for fast delivery

  2. Hi I purchased 5 microphones paid through my credit card will i get them soon or is there any risk?

    1. Hi Richard as i recognize your number 90235. We have sent you an E-mail in which you'll find the tracking number. You can track your parcel now. We used DHL service to deliver it to you faster. You'll get your parcel within 3 days.
      Asim Ali (Admin)

  3. Thank you i have received my parcel today. I have checked all of the mics . They works fine. Is there any warranty..??