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Friday, 22 May 2015


Protection Switch For Home Electrical Equipments

This is a "Time Delay" switch box. Can be used for 220v AC. When you plug the adapter into AC socket it turns on the switch (Relay) that is built inside it after 2min. This can be used for the load of 1000W. So, it is suitable for home use to protect our precious and sensitive electrical devices like LED TV, Computers, Printers, Refrigerators, Deep Freezers etc.

The exact calculated time is about 1:59

Switching Power of Relay

DC 6-12v ~ 30A
AC 220v ~ 30A Switching

Board contains its own power supply of 6v~600mA for powering the timer kit.
Timer kit is based on 555 timer. The 555 consumes more energy so, we decided to build it with 7555. Hence all of our switches are based on 7555 Timer IC. 
PCB has wide traces where the current AC with high voltage will pass.
The Wire we used (you can see in the picture above) can also support the load of 30A. So, everything is safe.


  • Connect your device in "STP-TD-R7" Socket.
  • Now plug the "STP-TD-R7" cable into your home indoor AC socket. 
  • Now, Turn on the switch. You'll see the power LED will light.
  • Now everything is done, it will turn on your plugged device after 2mins.
  • When the socket of "STP-TD-R7" has current in its socket the other LED named as trigger will light up. This is the indication that the switch is on.
  • Just in case for sometime if you don't want to wait for two minutes you can press button that is with its socket. This will instantly switch on your plugged in device. This switch is named as reset.
  • To face all of the problem there is a fuse inside it which is very easy to replace.
This device is very useful for our "Electrical Equipments" and its 100% safe to use. It will protect your device from Electricity fluctuation which can damage our precious devices.
This is just a $8 device that can save a $10000 devices.

Availability : IN STOCK

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