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Thursday, 2 July 2015


Studio Microphone

We have made a new "Studio Microphone" which is capable of recording high quality audio. It can be used for vocals, instruments and drums etc. You can also use it for other purpose like interview recordings, wildlife recordings and tutorial recordings.
Microphone is driven by FET BF245C and 2SC9013 general purpose npn transistor.


It is made up of metal housing and perfectly ground looped. You can see that its all black. But this is the first design. However we also have these microphone in other colors.


How does it work ?

It has a 5pin out option. But that is a midi jack. MIDI jacks has different feature that is why we used them in our 50 microphones stp-275d project. It works with 3.5mm  jack that can be plugged direct into PC microphone port. Your PC can power up this microphone. For other special PC that doesn't have this option you can use PPB device (Phantom Power Box Device).

PPB (Phantom Power Box)

We made a box for it " that is used to obtain the balanced output/stereo out for PC, interfaces etc.

This is not just a power supply of microphone but it has option to plug your headphone into it to obtain the stereo out for latest PC sound-card. You can listen to the real-time microphone audio and audio coming from PC and you can adjust the volume for both separately. 
There is a push button to turn it on. You connect your mic and headphone into it. And then connect its headphone out and mic out to PC headphone & mic sound-card ports respectively.

Original Package Details

Original package contains device, microphone. cables, battery, power adapter.
Looks at the original box.

At the right side in the bubble bag there is microphone. Beside the microphone there is its cable which is 5 pins din midi to 3.5mm stereo male jack. And you can see the passive mixer device which also serves as PPB for microphone.You can see the power adapter cable of battery and 9v battery. Below this battery and the bo\x there are two more additional cable for device. Both are 3.5mm stereo male to 3.5mm stereo male. This device can also be powered by 9v adapter.


We are only offering complete package for $35 USD
5000 Rs - PKR (Additional SoundCard for PC Free)
Deliver All Over The World.
Contact Us for more info.

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