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Thursday, 21 January 2016

STP-276c (Silver)

Studio Condenser Microphone

This is the same microphone as the previous one 276c. It is in silver color. We used oil paint to color it with shine.
Its body is also thick pure metal. Also the metal is rust protective.
Below are the attached picture of this microphone:

Same shock-mount is available in the package. The mesh is thick and colored silver. Behind this metal mesh there is a pop filter that not only blocks the pop but it also protect the microphone capsule from dust and moisture.
All of the electronics parts are perfectly soldered by machines and glued. So there's no probability of any damage in case of falling down.
There is a snap-type shock mount holder for these microphones which is available in package.
The microphone is 3-pin XLR balanced phantom powered. 
Frequency Response : 20Hz-18Khz 
PRICE        : 6500/- PKR ( $55 USD)
Availability :  Above 6 pcs


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