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Monday, 25 January 2016


USB Studio Condenser Microphone

We have received many request that we should do again the studio condenser microphone USB based. Because several people are recording tutorials and music etc by using just laptop. So, for those people we made this USB Condenser Studio Microphone.
Now you can plug it to your laptop and record what ever you want.

Here are some specifications:

  • This microphone takes power from USB and sends digital signals to your USB port.
  • Frequency Response Graph:

  • Microphone has small diaphragm capsule. We improved quality than the previous USB Model.
  • This microphone is capable of recording vocals and instruments in a perfect way.
  • The quality of sound it deliver is smooth and crispy with out SS.
  • The size of the capsule is 25mm while the diaphragm is 21.7mm round shaped Gold Sputtered.
  • Analog to Digital Conversion is 16bit at 48000Hz.
The shape and look of this mic is same as the 276c which is an XLR phantom powered microphone. Below is the picture from one of our user who use 276cu to record his tutorials.

It has fixed high quality USB cable as you can see in the picture above. This cable is shielded with ground layer.
Yes, this microphone also work with Tablets and Mobile phones which supports USB through OTG adapters or directly.

Package Include    :  Microphone and Shock Mount (Dragon Snap Type)
Price per Package :  5500/- Rs - PKR  ($75 USD)
Availability             :  Available above 12pcs
Weight                    :  Less Than 1 KG

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