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Monday, 15 February 2016


Phantom Powered Preamp

This is our project we did last year its a "Phantom Power Preamp with Balanced Input and Unbalanced Input". Below you can see the picture:
It is single channel balanced microphone pre-amplifier. Specially made for the condenser microphones. It can power all kinds of condenser microphones and amplify their low singals amplitudes and gives you analog output through the RCA Connectors. Above two RCA connectors are for the output while the other two below the line out are for the "Line Input". There is a separate volume control knob for the line input. The pre-amp volume can be adjusted with the other knob. 

It gives highest quality output for professional level recordings. Provides better response for your microphone. Gives 35v for the phantom power.
No additional hardware is required to power it. There is another unbalanced input for the instruments and some dynamic microphones through the TSR 6.5mm female jack. There is also the headphone output which is through 3.5mm female jack which can be used to either monitor the incoming audio from your microphone or line input or you can take line-out to other mixer.

Noiseless and high quality (Tube Preamp Equivalent) performance.  Its circuitry is complex and perfectly engineered for the high quality and noiseless performance. It is based on Opamps and these opamps are highly expensive. 

Requires 220v power cord cable, No adapter is required.

Project Code : STP-PPA-071
Availability       : Above 18pcs
PRICE            : 7500 Rs PKR

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