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Sunday, 2 October 2016


Uninterrupted Power Supply

Designed By (Illusion Semi-Conductors Team from Sam Technology Professionals)

Here is its interior view:

Fully automatic UPS Inverter.
Model Number : STP-MSW-W650


Requires 12v Battery and Support up to 200Ah.
Double Fuse Short Circuit & Overload Protection.
Stabilized Voltage Output
Digital Voltage Display
Battery Level Indication.
UPS/Main/Charging/Trip(Overload) /Battery Full LEDs status Indicators.
Inside Buzzer (For Alarms)
Low/High main voltages battery charging.
Built In Stabilizer Options (For Some Conditions)
Pure Copper Transformer of 650W - 200W are locked for safety reasons that makes it work for a very long time.
The MOSFET high power bridges for long time stability.
Switch Recovery Time 5ms.
2x Cooling Fans Inside.

All of the Inverters from STP are under 7 Months of Warranty. The warranty starts at the time of purchase. Only Transformer holds the 7 months warranty. All other parts have their respectively replacement cost charges.

Only Serious Buyers Should Contact Us BY Call Only. UPS Systems are also available in BULK.

Model Number : STP-MSW-6W50
can be found at out website http://www.samtechpro.net
Availability       : Updated in Latest Post
Price                : Updated in Latest Post
Contact Us For more information.

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