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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

STP-UPS Inverter System Price

STP offering UPS for home & office use. These inverters have alot of benefits as follows:

  • Lowest possible self current consumption.
  • Pure copper transformer high efficiency.
  • Micro Controller based control system (that handles battery charging, low and full cutt off, LED indications, fan controlling, overload protection, trickle mode of battery charging, digital output voltage display & main low detect feature).
  • Double fuse (Short circuit protection at Input and Output).

Currently STP has launched the following models of UPS in Pakistan.

  • Model : STP-MSW-5W50


It is 500W inverter with modified sin wave output with all above features. 
It can run 2-3 ceiling fans and 4 CFL saving Bulbs. Output voltage of this inverter is 220v AC 50Hz.
This UPS has 1 year warranty for its transformer. Can charge and handle upto 130Ah battery.

PRICE : 8500/- PKR

  • Model : STP-MSW-6W50



The most frequently being used in Pakistan. It can charge batteries upto 165Ah. Just like the other it has same other features but has more backup time and output power as it handle large battery. Its true power is measured as 650W. It is the best choice for normal families. Its output just like other also matches our standard which is 220v-230v AC 50Hz.

PRICE : 9500/- PKR

  • Model : STP-MSW-7W50


For a long backup and more power this model is suitable. It can easily handle the batteries up-to 175Ah easily. It has also the same function as mentioned above. It is also completely automatic and low in price.

Price : 11000/- PKR

  • Model : STP-MSW-1kWs


This model of UPS is 1000W power handling inverter just like the other discussed above. It has also same other features but it only differs in handling battery 200Ah, power handling up-to 1000W and long backups 

The model 1kWs requires single battery 12v upto 200Ah, in order to get more power you can switch to the sub model 1kWsD that requires double battery. So, we can say that it operates at 24v coz battery needs to be connected in series. This kind of arrangement allowed to have more long backup.

Price for 1kWs = 12000/- PKR    (Single Battery 12v)
Price for 1kWD= 13000/- PKR    (Double Battery 24v)


Do we offer installation?
Yes, only if UPS wiring is done.

Do we offer warranty?
Yes, we offer all kinds of repairing at your doorstep within the warranty time period.

What things included in warranty?
Only the transformer holds warranty for 1 year other parts has 2 months of warranty only.

Are your after sale services just fine?
They are absolutely good and so quick that one cannot imagine. Our technicians are in almost every corner. So it wont take more time to have issues fixed.

Are the prices negotiable?
Prices mentioned here are negotiable only if you buy more than one product.

Is it good buying this because market has a lot of more models, provide any good reason to buy it ?
First of all there is very less power consumption you save a lot of energy as compared to cheap Chinese inverter. The other locally made are real rough they don't deliver true power as they mention. 
Second no need to worry if warranty period is closed coz, its repairing is very easy, not costly and we will still offer services at doorsteps.
Its main part the transformer can last upto 10 years.

Thank You .!

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